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Since 1977, Fabricantes de Menaje S.A. ( FAMESA ) is a benchmark in the plastic injecting sector. Famesa´s has a big range of products for the different sectors: Houseware, Foodservice,Industrial area, Household.

Famesa has 6000 m2 of factory and warehouse in Cadrete ( Zaragoza ). Denox, trademark of FAMESA, consolidates its presence in many markets,within and outside the European Union. .

Famesa keeps on offering high quality products.

Quality and Service are the identity of Denox.


Quality and Service y Servicio are the identity of this aragonese company. Fabricantes de Menaje S.A., focused his efforts to satisfy the requerements of his customers.

Guaranteeing quality and trazability of his products from their origins.


Denox remains loyal to its compromise with the ecology and the environment,not only in the products manufactured by us,but also in all the phases of our supply chain .

Famesa was awarded in 2014 with the ISO 14001 certificate,added to the already granted ISO 9001, as a proof of a responsible management of processes within the organization. The company keeps on offering high quality products,designed and manufactured in the Europen Union,wich highest quality standards and enables an excellent and efficient service.